What is Lingumi?

Hi, we’re Lingumi. We’re a small team from London, UK. We also have team members in Cardiff, Wales, and near Cologne in Germany. We’re 8 people (plus 3 kids and 2 dogs!). You can read more about the team at lingumi.com.

What is Lingumi?

Lingumi is a pre-school education company. Our mission is to make English learning fun, accessible, and affordable for the next billion learners. We make products for families with children aged 2-6 to begin learning English. Why? Children under 6 are in the ‘critical period’, as it’s known in linguistics. It’s a time in their life when their brain has an amazing capacity to absorb languages - more than just their mother tongue - and some time from 2-5 is the perfect age to begin English (don’t worry, it won’t affect the development of their mother tongue!) We think English is a crucial skill for the next billion young people around the world. And it’s a beautiful language too! At Lingumi, we make it fun, easy, and affordable for families with children aged 2-6 to begin the journey of learning English.

How does it work?

At Lingumi we make two things: our app, Club Lingumi, and physical products.

Our app, Club Lingumi, uses daily 10-15 minute mini-lessons to teach children English through play. For parents, the instructions are in your mother tongue (where possible). For children, the entire experience is in English, and is fun and playful. They learn, but they think they’re just playing. We limit children to playing 1 new lesson a day. This is better for their learning progress - we don’t want to overload them - and it helps parents create a healthy balance around screen time. You can play the app by tapping, or, if you have our famous Play Cubes, you can use those to interact with lots of our lessons in an interactive way, without touching the screen.

You can try the app for free: register for a free account at lingumi.com to begin). It works on tablets and smartphones. We don’t lock you in to any payments at the beginning: after 7 days of testing, we’ll ask if you’d like to continue using the app, and will charge you for it (we have to pay our bills). We think the price is very fair: for customers in Europe, it costs about €6 each month, with savings if you pay all at once for a year. In other parts of the world, we’ll convert the cost into your local currency.
You can join at any time, and cancel at any time, with the click of a button. Try it out for free here.

Our curriculum is based on research by co-founder Toby, who studied languages at Oxford, then became an English teacher for children abroad, and started researching and developing ideas for early-years English learning, working with a diverse group of academics. We take ‘efficacy’ seriously - we make products using research as the foundation, and we test their effectiveness (are the children really learning?) regularly, using our own data, and working with universities.

Our physical products are fun ways to interact with our curriculum outside of the app - or alongside it. You can find all the products we make, including the interactive, soft Play Cubes, on our shop. We also make things like ‘jumbo word cards’ of the language children learn in the app, and are producing more new products all the time, based on what our customers ask us to make!

What’s the best way to start?

We recommend you start by downloading our app (you can sign up for a free account here and it will tell you what to do). Children learn languages best when they do it with their parents - even if you don’t speak any English, you can still help your child, and play and learn with them. So we encourage creating a routine - play 3-5 times a week, one new lesson of 10-15 minutes each day, and sit and play the lessons with your child. It’s a lot of fun.

Do you have more questions?

Great - you can talk to us. We read and reply to emails. Send us one at [email protected] and we’ll answer you quickly and with all the information you need. Thanks for reading! Welcome to the Lingumi Family.

Toby & the Lingumi Team